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Bella Kitchen & Cabinetry
Bella Kitchen & Cabinetry
Bella Kitchen & Cabinetry
Bella Kitchen & Cabinetry

Bella Kitchen & Cabinetry 

This is our own brand, which has the most diverse types of wood, door styles and colors. A high quality brand with fast and safe delivery. Our focus is to bring quality and functionality to your home. Rest assured you can count on us. Bella Kitchen & Cabinetry for your next project and be satisfied with our brand cabinets.

North Cabinetry

North Cabinetry is a Canadian brand that has been dominating the market. The technology called soft touch that they offer in the painting makes their cabinets even more unmistakable. Count on timeless colors and door models for all styles, from contemporary to traditional. They can deliver good quality and super competitive delivery time.

Mantra Cabinetry 

Mantra Cabinetry offers very competitive prices, with a super fast delivery time and great quality, this entry-level brand is always up to date with market trends, always bringing new products at a fair price.

Omega Cabinetry

Omega Cabinetry has been operating in the brand for over 30 years, offering diverse lines, color options, door styles and constructions. This line of high-quality cabinets is based in Iowa. All materials used in the manufacture of each piece are selected by a team of experts.

Great Northern Cabinetry

They have been established in the market since 1972. This brand can offer a generous selection of customizations, quality, safe delivery and all of this at an affordable price. Colors and styles that fit your lifestyle.